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P3L expert interview with Katrin Zeiler

In the latest edition of our P3L expert interview, we have the pleasure of interviewing the empathic innovation leader Katrin Zeiler, who is passionately shaping the future as a "Project Warrior". Katrin Zeiler follows changes in technology and society with great interest. She is guided by the vision of helping to shape sustainable solutions for people and the environment that are both technologically innovative and fair.

To me, digitization means… making my life and daily routines easier and being networked with my digital friends around the globe.

My digital favorites are… social media.

What gets on my nerves… there are too many messages and mails instead of phone calls and meetings.

I'm proud of… my cosmopolitan attitude and being able to inspire people.

I sometimes dream of… being an international keynote speaker and bringing innovation topics to the world, or creating a global company with a cool idea.

Most of all I am grateful… to be healthy.

To a deserted island, I'd take… my partner and a case of wine ;)

Lifelong learning means… getting inspiration from new themes and products and always discovering and changing yourself.

In 15 years the working world… will take place in the living room between the Bahamas and Leipzig, with family-friendly virtual offices and offers.

Bosses should… appreciate and treat employees with respect, have a vision and lead one!

My heart beats for… travelling.

At home I feel… comfortable.

Without Google… I'm fine.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a… journalist.

My understanding of the human success factor is… to stand up for my own values with character and personality and make other people happy.

Thank you very much, Katrin Zeiler!

The Platform3L Team

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Expert interview with Bilge Tissen

Bilge Tissen has an eye for talent and is open to new things. During our meeting she answered our questions about future topics in a focused way and completed our sentence fragments in a clever and visionary way.

To me, digitization means… transparency and speed.

My digital favorite is… my smartphone.

What gets on my nerves… are unnecessarily complicated processes and structures.

I'm proud of… every successful cake and every kilometre run.

I sometimes dream of, dass… administrative tasks (private and professional) being abolished.

Most of all I am grateful für… my family.

To a deserted island, I'd take… my loved ones.

Lifelong learning means… for me not to work towards any end or goal, but to discipline myself, to remain open to do / learn new things.

In 15 years the working world… more colourful and flexible.

Bosses should… be able to listen.

My heart beats for… talent acquisition.

At home I feel… in the Ruhr area.

Without Google… I often wouldn't know what to do.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a… like Pippi Longstocking.

My understanding of the human success factor is… to be open to the characteristics of the individual and to learn from each other.

Thanks a lot, Bilge Tissen!

The Platform3L Team

Take a vacation in your head…

… and let your creativity run free.

Our world is fast paced and complex. Sometimes we need a break from everyday struggles and influences. The possibility of being constantly updated, connected and accessible should not be an obligation. In our time, holidays also mean a conscious time out for relaxation and space for free thoughts.

Why don't you give it a try this summer? Go offline and occasionally switch off your devices. Make time for things that are neglected in everyday life. Take a break and think outside the box. Because curiosity, agility and creativity are particularly valuable skills in times of digital change.

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Never stop learning

On the importance of lifelong learning in the digital age

The job market of the future places completely new demands on the skills of employees. Creativity, flexibility and the handling of digital media are becoming the most important skills in life and work in our society. The key to success lies in lifelong learning.

Learning to walk again and again

Our living and working worlds are in a constant state of change. Organizational forms and requirements are changing fundamentally. The abundance of information and the possibility to access it is constantly growing. The half-life of knowledge is thus decreasing.

In light of social changes, learning new skills is of particular importance. We have to constantly deal with new circumstances and find our way through a multitude of innovations and possibilities.

It is not just a matter of remaining relevant as a worker or of knowing the latest technological advances. In order to be able to think, reflect and act independently and critically, we need to be aware of the developments of the times - and thus to learn continuously.

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Lifelong learning as a foundation

Behind the concept of lifelong learning lies the conviction that people of all ages can learn new skills and competencies and continue to develop them - for life and for life.

The combination of appropriate skills and knowledge forms the basis for personal success. In order to become better and remain successful, a willingness to learn is required. Learning also trains the personality. Because those who think ahead, outgrow themselves and leave their comfort zone, also get to know themselves better. Curiosity is human and satisfying one's own thirst for knowledge makes one happy. Understanding a situation, knowing about something, being particularly good at something - all this is a source of satisfaction.

To remain competitive in the long term, companies must offer their employees the opportunity to learn. This also includes building networks and understanding the cross-industry lifelong learning process in the digital working world and using it to their advantage.

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Platform3L is convinced of the opportunities offered by digital transformation. We believe in a new world of living and working in which people around the globe can think freely, collaborate and share their knowledge. Lifelong learning is the foundation for the acquisition of the most important key competencies of our time. This conviction underlies both our actions and our brand name.

With its modular training concept, Platform3L offers a comprehensive approach to lifelong learning in the digital era. In interactive and practical training courses, we teach employees and managers the key competencies of the 21st century. Learn more about us and our work.

#Thehumansuccessfactor #neverstoplearning #connectshareinspire

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Expert interview with Stefanie Waschk

We regularly interview experts from various fields. This time Stefanie Waschk completes our phrases - witty and with an occasional wink.

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Stefanie Waschk Stefanie Waschk believes that learning need not hurt. Multicultural at heart and nerd by conviction. The expert from the gaming industry with a passion for digital transformation supports companies in many different ways. On the way to the solution, the enthusiastic creator performs translation work, teaches and develops resourceful strategies.

To me, digitization means… despite all the necessary critical examination of the topic, an unbelievable potential to reconcile business goals and the motivation of the employees in a completely new way. As well as being able to support people's everyday social life.

My digital favorite is… - let's say two: functioning language assistants and virtual reality.

What gets on my nerves… are unobjective discussions and lots of talking before my first cup of coffee.

I'm proud of… Frodo, who saved us all 😉

I sometimes dream of, dass… I'm an archaeologist and I'm digging up a sensational find.

Most of all I am grateful… is that I'm healthy.

To a deserted island, I'd take… even as a digitizer I would actually take books with me, not an e-book reader, but the "real" ones made of paper.

Lifelong learning means… staying curious and always expanding your horizons.

In 15 years the working world… will look back on the present day in amazement and ask itself how we were able to master all this in such a complicated way.

Bosses should… foster a cooperative management style.

My heart beats for… transfer projects between very different industries such as software/games with classic companies. On the one hand this is always a bit of a "show with the mouse for adults" and on the other hand it is fascinating how much potential there is in it.

At home I feel… comfortable! Alone as in company.

Without Google… I don't understand the question. 😉 How many problems would I probably not get solved then... I call "him" affectionately "Uncle Google".

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a… to be an archaeologist. And with some actual state analyses in companies, I almost sometimes feel like a (software) archaeologist when I see what is still in use at some companies. 😉

My understanding of the human success factor is… the knowledge that fun at work as well as motivation of employees are significantly involved in the achievement of corporate goals.

Thank you very much for these refreshing answers, Stefanie Waschk!

The Platform3L Team


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