Our vision

Africa 4.0 stands for a new approach to rethinking business and development. Africa is the continent of the future and therefore it is important to act now. The increase in population alone, combined with the very large need to catch-up in all areas, shows the enormous growth opportunities. We see potential for this growth above all in the young population, which, despite the ever-improving qualifications, cannot adequately integrate them into the economic system. That is why we are working with motivated young people to develop a way of doing business in Africa that pursues the sustainability goals of the United Nations' Agenda 2030 and the African Union's Agenda 2063, which aims to achieve development goals as quickly as possible by promoting best practice examples.

Afrika Market Entry

Our approach:

With Africa 4.0 we focus on the large number of well educated and dynamic people who, as a whole, have invaluable knowledge and problem-solving skills in the local environment. Our approach is to support these people by setting up as many companies as possible in order to increase the depth of value creation in Africa. In doing so, we use both the swarm intelligence of young people, e.g. to identify market potential, and the opportunities offered by digitalization, or more precisely artificial intelligence, to make the best possible use of this potential. The first step in setting this process in motion is to identify a scalable market solution with the help of technological impulses.

Pilot country Ghana

Ghana is one of the countries in sub-Saharan Africa that is particularly well suited for the pilot phase of Africa 4.0. In addition to the large number of highly motivated and well educated young people, Ghana is characterised by its stable political situation. Moreover, the market size with approx. 30 million inhabitants is appropriate to scale the entrepreneurial initiatives triggered and supported by Africa 4.0.
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